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Meet the Artist! 


Growing up in a small town in eastern North Carolina, I spent most of my time drawing, painting, and creating with anything I could find. I found every art class, workshop, and camp possible and drew more crayon portraits of my family members than could possibly fit on the refrigerator. 


As I got older I took every art class that my high school had to offer and began painting in earnest with acrylics, experimenting, and finding out what did and didn’t work on my own. When I moved to Raleigh and began working towards an art degree from NC State University, I was fortunate enough to study in Italy for a summer. It was on this trip that I took my first real painting class and fell in love with oil painting. I discovered that I have a passion for realism in my paintings and that I am drawn to landscape and nature scenes. The incredible beauty of the world simply makes me smile and I hope to share that joy with others.


After graduating without a clue what job would be best and would allow me to use my art degree, I began working various jobs and painting as a hobby. I tried multiple different jobs after college that were not the right fit but I was always more interested in coming home and painting than focusing on the job at hand. I finally decided to take the leap and began working as a full-time artist in the summer of 2021. As I transition into working full-time as an artist and navigating the world of small business ownership, I am learning new things everyday while also improving my skills as an artist.            


I love traveling to new countries and seeing every amazing thing that the world has to offer so that it can be used in my paintings. I truly enjoy creating works of art that make people happy and transport them to somewhere new and beautiful. 

Artist Statement

At the start of a painting, there is nothing but possibility. Beginning with a blank slate and slowly transforming a canvas into something beautiful brings me a great deal of joy that I strive to share with others. My work uses bold colors, interesting textures, and small details to bring alive on a canvas all that inspires me in reality, whether it is a flower-covered hillside or beautiful city lights shining in the night. My goal is to create pieces that allow viewers to be transported to an exciting new adventure or to be reminded of a favorite memory from years past that brings a smile.

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